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Artois Body Lotion

Artois body lotion is a luxurious body wash out your skin with a captivating scent of vanilla and rosemary, the body wash is quickly absorbed and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. This Artois body wash is fantastic for admirers who desiderate to take their skin to new heights.

Best Artois Body Lotion

The Artois body lotion is a luxurious mixture of orderless-15% acai and lavender oil which sooths away the soul and leaves a soft, smooth skin, the acai and lavender oil work together to provide a healthy, balanced and wrinkles-free skin. Our Artois body lotion is an 1004 laboratory Artois cream that offers a soft, smooth and long-lasting skin experience, this product is first-rate for lovers who covet an enticing body care experience and is available now at most convenience stores. Jimmy body lotion is a body lotion that effects operate with fresh and cold water, it contains moisturizer and perfume freshness. It is terrific for wearing during business or for everyday, this product is 7 fl oz. The Artois body lotion is a luxurious mixture of natural ingredients that offer you sheer serenity & instructed you to adopt only 1 bottle for every 7 months.