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Basd Body Lotion

Basd body lotion is a luxurious and sophisticated lotion that is sure to make a statement, with its layers of rich, golden sandalwood oil and 2 Basd body lotion is sure to turn heads. Add Basd sandalwood bois de santal seductive body lotion is to your wardrobe to show off your naughty side and your satellite tv persona.

Travel Size 1.1 Fl Oz Each Sealed
Seductive Sandalwood - All Plant Based Ingredients

Best Basd Body Lotion

Basd body lotion is a luxurious lotion that provides sandals and customers with a top-of-the-heap experience, the creme is a luxurious that is able to while the one oz is top for enthusiasts who desire to feel confident and luxurious. Basd body lotion is a luxurious lotion that will leave you feeling luxurious and confident, it is a must-have for any skin type and is unequaled for the avg. Body lotion use, this body lotion is furthermore revitalizing and is said to be effective for an angel face. Basd body lotion is top-rated for shoppers who are scouring for a body lotion that is both persuasive and rejuvenizing, Basd body lotion is a fantastic addition to you line of skincare. This lotion is containing 3 x Basd body lotion seductive sandalwood 1, 5 ml each. So fragrant and potent, that you will need less than two drops on skin! The fragrance is when you walk or dance in, Basd body lotion is a plant-based body wash to the market by the company basd. The lotion is 15, 2 oz and comes in a flip-top bottle. It is refreshing to use, with a fresh and summery scent, the product extends a low enough temperature to not cause irritation, and as well non-toxic and vegan. This product is first-class for people who are searching for a gentle, everyday body wash that invigorates the body.