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Dior Sauvage Body Lotion

Looking for a luxurious body lotion? Look no further than Dior sauvage! This product is 4 oz, and features a scents exclusive to our line. Choose from lavender, apple, apple cider, and more to enjoy during the day or use during relaxation time, this product is sure to leave a luxurious feeling in your skin.

Sauvage Body Lotion

Pick an 8 ounce scented lotion is a luxurious lotion that will make you feel confident and dangerous, it is a risk-free investment that will last long and left you with a valuable item. This Dior Sauvage body lotion 3, 4 oz. Is a must-have for any Dior enthusiast's toolkit, for days when exercise is preferred over time-out and with this sauvage's layers of delicate, gentle shimmering motions, you'll be underlining your favorite Dior models before your very eyes. and trust us, when we say pick an 4 ounce scented lotion is sure to glisten and glisten, this 4 oz. Lotion is an intense floral and woodsy fragrance, it holds its shape and feels light and refreshing on the skin. The new Dior Sauvage body lotion provides a refreshing scent of lavender and jasmine, it is light, felt very facile to use, and? A top-notch for use on the bathtub and shower. My favorite part was the handy little bottle for keeping the lotion in the fridge.