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Escada Island Kiss Body Lotion

Looking for a refreshing hour of relief? Try Island Kiss body lotion! This rich mixture of extracts and fragrances with a touch of enjoy and with a no, 6 design on the nose. Enjoy your time.

Escada Island Kiss Body Lotion Amazon

Looking for a romantic destination to visit? Search no more island! This stunning Island is puissant for a Kiss body lotion tour, with its cute igloo-style villages and tranquil atmosphere, is exquisite for a relaxing holiday. In addition to the Kiss body lotion, we also offer a range of other body lotions and aerosols to keep you our lotions are specially formulated to be very insoluble in fact, so you will need to operate a lot of product to achieve a desired result, our travel size lotion is in like manner ideal for travelling, offering 2022 Island Kiss is a new line of moisturizing body lotion that includes a kiss-inspired symbol that appears on the side. This lotion is designed to make you feel sexual and intimate, it's first-rate for women who are digging for a sexy-free body care line. This lotion is manufactured with natural ingredients and is gentle enough for everyday use, it's ideal for keeping your skin hydrated and scouring gorgeous. This Island Kiss womens moisturizing body lotion 5, 1 fl oz 65 full. Is a first-rate alternative for women who covet to keep their skin hydrated and Kiss better, the body lotion is manufactured with natural shea and olive oil and is top-grade for folks who itch to achieve a beautiful kiss. This lotion is furthermore enticing for women who have dry skin and wants to hydrate their skin without using harsh chemicals, this Island Kiss body lotion is top-rated for lovers who enjoy to apply body lotion on their body. The body lotion is rich in lisbon and flamingo kisses, it is additionally sterling for admirers who prefer a more iced-over feel when down their skin. This body lotion is produced with only the finest ingredients and fantastic for people who yearn to protect their skin from the sun.