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Fashion Fair Body Lotion

Our Fashion Fair body lotion is unrivalled for admirers who wish to hunt their best, with a special formula that provides a form-factor difference each time you've been to the salon, our lotion is practical for folks who desiderate to add a new look to their look. and with the free shipping on this.

3 Oz Each, Full Size + Free Shipping


By Fashion Fair


SpÉciale .75 Oz

Fashion Fair Body Lotion Ebay

Fashion Fair body lotion is an unequaled solution for admirers who desire to look their best during the Fashion season, this body lotion gives a natural ingredients that will leave your body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Fashion Fair body lotion is a new and selected scent for this year's Fashion Fair campaign, the body lotion is inspired with light and straw boas. The scent is designed to enhance, shielded and complexion, this body lotion is fabricated with natural ingredients and is free of harsh chemicals. This Fashion Fair body lotion is sure to br out the best in you! With its high quality and durable ingredients, Fashion Fair zahra perfumed body lotion is will help you look your best all day long, so, go ahead and take your style to the next level with this practical deal! Fashion Fair zahra is a perfumed body lotion that is superb for taking to the gym. It contains Fashion and elegant ingredients that will make you look your best, this lotion is 7. 5 oz and comes in an 222 ml container, it is top-quality for medium to high volume stores.