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Jergens Coconut Body Lotion

The Jergens Coconut body lotion is a refreshingly sweet lotion that will leave you feeling matted and refreshed, this line of skincare features an 10-pack of 1-hour paraben free ingredients that will help to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. The Jergens lotion is additionally culminate with a left-handed detangler and complex that will keep your skin hydrated and hydrated, feeling refreshed and matted.

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Jergens Wet Skin Body Lotion

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Cheap Jergens Coconut Body Lotion

This Jergens Coconut body moisturizer is a top-notch alternative to keep your skin hydrated and wanting good, the 16. 8 fl oz pack includes a natural blend of Coconut and almond milk, which provides a rich and creamy texture, the lotion is additionally free of sulfates, phthalates, and parabens, which makes it valuable for folks with skin sensitive condition. This moisturizer is likewise non-toxic and effortless to use, just 1 effortless step left to are into the with this sensational product. This Jergens lotion is an 8 oz, product that is fabricated with natural, absorbent Coconut milk and an our exclusive blend of vitamins and minerals. It offers a creamy, rich consistency and is produced to left your skin feeling deeply fragrant, if you're hunting for a luxurious, infused with Jergens oil lotion, that feels and looks great, then Jergens wet skin moisturizer Coconut oil 10 fl oz pack of 3 lotion is a valuable product for you! This 21-ounce lotion features 3 jergens'inflicted hydration and smells great, whether you're hitting the gym or jacuzzi, 3 pack- Jergens hydrating Coconut body moisturizer, 16. 8 ounce is will help keep you scouring handsome! This Jergens lotion is a drastic change from the standard Coconut oil lotions, it is 26. 5 oz and is manufactured of 100% pure, cold-pressed Coconut oil, it presents a creamy texture and is designed to go on and feel very good. This lotion as well vegan, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.