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Mixa Cica Repair Body Lotion

Cica Repair body lotion is a body lotion that is manufactured with 100% natural and organic ingredients, it is a very strong lotion that is top-of-the-line for severe dryness and fragility. It as well extra rich and durable for shoppers with fragile skin.

Mixa Cica Repair Body Lotion Walmart

Cica Repair body lotion is a rich, extra-long line of high-quality body lotions and creams that provides severe dryness and fragile skin with one basic pour, it comes in 400 ml. This lotion is in like manner extra rich in order to provide you with the benefits you need to heal your dryness and fragile skin, the material is extra rich and as well known for its brittle texture which is often sensitive and fragile. This Cica Repair body lotion is extra rich and will provide sufficient hydration for folks with severe dryness, it as well multifunctional - it can be used for personal care, laundry and household purposes.