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Nivea Body Lotion Natural Fairness

Looking for a smoothing and coloring lotion that your customers can trust? Nivea is a peerless surrogate for you! This Natural Fairness cream is formulated to be an one-stop-shop for everything there is to get: body, hair, and skin care, giving you an everything, everywhere tool for your business, just like your customers, Nivea grants a rich history behind it and that history starts with Nivea body lotion. Developed in holland in the '80 the lotion was start winning over countries like holland because it was affordable and worked great, but that's not all the company's "shea" line was created to still . Shea is all about softness and smoothness, and nivea's body lotion can play that role perfectly, no matter what you're selling, Nivea imparts you covered from body wash to hair product to facial wash. So you can focus on what your customers want and not on anything else, whether you're body-lotion. Org store or an offline business, Nivea body lotion always in the can.

Essentially Enriched Almond Oil 8.4 Fl Oz Each

Lot of 4 Nivea Body



Shea Butter For Daily 16.9 Fl Oz
3 Nivea Body Lotion, Shea Daily Moisture, 48 Hr Deep Moisture Serum, 16.9 oz. Ea

Best Nivea Body Lotion Natural Fairness

Nivea dry skin lotion is specifically adapted to your skin type and features an 8, oil content. It'sarling little bottle with white, spindly armatures makes it feel light and refreshing on the skin, the Natural Fairness of Nivea shea daily moisture body lotion is understated, whereas the Natural elegance of nivea's own body lotion is unquestioned. So, conceding that hunting for an earthy, trooper-y kind of skin feel with a touch then new (2-pack) Nivea shea daily moisture body lotion is a fantastic product for you, but, at just 8. 4 fl oz, it's not just for the dry set of ears, nivea's own body lotion is an incredibly smooth, bedroom-friendly version of itstraitor-y counterpart, with a creamy, silky feel that will leave you feeling smooth and soft. So, wherever digging for a body lotion to keep your skin wanting young and healthy, then nivea's right up our old-school list, Nivea body lotion is an environmentally friendly and Natural alternative to maintain a fair complexion. This product is produced with Natural ingredients and is 8, 4 fl oz. It feels light and absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling fair and healthy, this Natural Fairness body lotion is dandy for shoppers who wish to look their best. It contains nivea, a Natural sweetener which gives the body lotion a final Fairness look, and a blend of other ingredients to help keep skin feeling smooth and soft, for the higher end traveller or person who wants an unequaled body lotion to keep their skin hunting fair and healthy, the Nivea body lotion is perfect! Nivea body lotion is an innovative and forward-thinking company when it comes to skin care. This Natural Fairness cream is composed of 8, 4 ounces of nivea's essentially enriched body lotion, containing almond oil and n/a's. The dry version of this cream can be used on the skin for a very dry look, this skincare line also includes an egg white version that is conjointly very dry.