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Nivea Happy Sensation Body Lotion

Nivea's Happy Sensation body lotion is a luxurious blend of bamboo extract, orange blossom water and sandalwood extract that provides a luxurious, leaves-to-body scent, this light, easy-to-use lotion is ideal for on-the-goers or busy women who ache to feel their best. The 12-hour irritant protection against stinging and staining helps make this is a top-selling product on amazon.

2 ~ Nivea Happy Sensation Bamboo Extract & Orange Blossom 8.4 oz. NEW

Nivea Happy Sensation Orange Blossom Body Lotion

The Nivea Happy Sensation orange blossom body lotion is a rich, velvety lotion that provides a gentle reward for users who desire a healthy, Happy feel, the light, smoothly- fugitive pink and orange blossom flavors are available in both 13. 5 oz, and 15 oz. This body lotion is ideal for use on the body, face, hands, or hair, the new Nivea Happy Sensation body lotion 16. 9 oz orange blossom scent is a splendid alternative to achieve a Happy feeling in your body, this body lotion comes in 16. 9 oz orange blossom scent, and is fabricated with all-natural ingredients, it is a natural light weight lotion that will leave your body feeling soft, smooth, and brittle. Nivea Happy Sensation is a rich, creamy lotion that delivers a sense of happiness and contentment, the berry-shaped lotion is produced of natural, patriotic branchings from nivea's old-world almonds. The should-fader Nivea line is hands-down the best quality line of linters available, it's soft, gentle on the skin, and will never cause your skin to dry up or feel tight. This Nivea line is top-rated for lovers who itch for the little bit of everything, and doesn't have the harsh chemicals found in other lines, it's also top-of-the-heap for suitors with delicate skin. The berry-shaped lotion is designed to give you that knack for life and the Happy Sensation everyone knows is crucial for healthy skin, no matter what your skin type is, Nivea renders you covered. Go for the Nivea Happy Sensation line and feel the difference! The Nivea Happy Sensation body lotion is a hydrated landscape body lotion top-of-the-heap for when you need a little something to help you the product was created with a clean, fresh look in mind and is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and happy, this rich, satin finish will leave you feeling soft and veilless. Whether you’re seeking to take on a challenging day or simply feel refreshed after a productive day, the Nivea Happy Sensation body lotion is a valuable alternative to go.