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Olay In Shower Body Lotion Strawberry

Our Olay In Shower body lotion is a delicious Strawberry scented product that is sure to please, this lotion is manufactured with all-natural ingredients and is a top-rated alternative for an individual digging for an environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly option. The strawberries are used In our lotion to create a nice mint.

Olay Cooling White Strawberry And Mint In-shower Body Lotion 152 Oz

This Olay cooling white Strawberry and mint in-shower body lotion is a top-notch surrogate for shoppers who adore the flavor of cold water, it's an 15. 2 oz product that new customers can get in-shower with this lotion, it grants 2 ingredients: Olay Strawberry mint and Olay mint. The product gives a new box and is called Olay cooling white Strawberry and mint in-shower body lotion, this product is new and open to new customers. It is available now, olay's in-shower body lotion is all about performance. This product is a cool-izing product to help keep you feeling cool and fresh all day long, the 15. 2 oz, lotion is make up form of strawberry, mint, and lavender honey which helps keep your skin hydrated and scouring healthy. This product is additionally oil free, gluten free, and soy free, so with the condition that searching for a product to keep your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated, olay's in-shower body lotion is best-in-the-class for you! The Olay in-shower body lotion is a refreshing and coolant cream-like product for keeping your body hydrated. 2-ounce bottle contains a mixture of white grape and mint extract which helps to refresh feeling, the stable beige color with light beige comments on this lotion's design. The simple design on the bottle will make you want to operate it all the time, the Strawberry and mint flavors are combined into a soap which gives a slightly sweet flavor. 2-ounce bottle also includes an 30-minute time-frame for making sure every bit of water is used, Olay In Shower body lotion is a sensational choice for admirers hunting for a refreshing scent and refreshing experience. The body lotion is fabricated up of cooling white strawberry, mint, and ocean salt ingredients that will keep you feeling cool and fresh.