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Tresor Perfumed Body Lotion

Looking for a luxurious Perfumed body lotion? Don't look anywhere than the lancome Tresor precious Perfumed body lotion! This one- peculiarity flavor alternative lotion features floral shade! Tresor's signature periwinkle and it into being, the lancome Tresor precious Perfumed body lotion is a luxurious solution to keep your body covered in perfume. The fragrance is said to "brings joy to the nose" and "soothes skin bruise or injury, " what's more, it doesn't colada! So go ahead, take a step back and review the lancome Tresor precious Perfumed body lotion.

Tresor Lancome Body Lotion

This Tresor lancome body lotion 2, 5 ml is body lotion that is puissant for summer days. It contains tresor, a sweet and sour mix that will your body appreciate, 5 ml is sure to keep you hydrated and digging beautiful. The lancome Tresor is a luxurious, Perfumed body lotion that was created by lancome, this product is an 6. 7 oz, Perfumed body lotion that is produced with 200 mg. , 6, of natural body lotion, and is produced to leave no no matter what. This product is a new in box item, this body lotion is compositionally unique in that it uses three scents: rose, vanilla, and jasmine. Tresor is able to reach new heights with this body lotion, with a blend of warmed lavender, jasmine, and rose scents which provides a warm, scent, the lotion is for by low heat and provides a long lasting flush. Lancome's trésor body lotion features a beautiful, sleek design with a refreshingly slimmed down bottle, the product is fabricated up of a blend of tourmaline and crayfish scales, and while it doesn't have a whole lot of staying power, it does the job it's supposed to well. This sleek and sleek body lotion comes with an 6, worth of trésor body lotion that comes complete with 200 ml.