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Chantilly Hand And Body Lotion By Dana

Introducing the new Chantilly line of Dana hand's Hand lotion products, this Chantilly Hand And body lotion is fabricated with white chantilly, a hybrid flower featuring a yellow center And a white petal. The product is shaped like a cat's whisker And features an 4-ounce size, this Chantilly line is fresh And new, And is sure to please. These products come in 4-ounce sizes, And are new.

Chantilly Hand And Body Lotion By Dana Ebay

This Dana Hand And body lotion set is top-rated for woman who grove on the flavor of Chantilly cheese, this set come with a Hand body lotion, a cheese scintillating, And a cheese candle. This dented bottle version of the Chantilly Hand And body lotion comes in an 12 oz, it is set in a hand-carved, black And brown, metal the body of the lotion is gilded And lined with delicate petals. The Hand is created with a strong, black cream color And then finished with delicate, gold sequins, the entire lotion is worth its weight in gold. This from Dana is a must-have for any soap artist out there, it is worth hunting at for the 12 oz. Version as it is a dented bottle that will show your work, the body lotion is a nice light yet not too overpowering. The scents are delicious bit like a blend of floral And woodsy) And the lotion feels good on the skin, all in all, an outstanding Hand And body lotion! This amazing example of white Chantilly By Dana Hand is a highly recommendable gift for any Chantilly lover! The body moisturizer cream will make your Hand feel smooth And soft, And the cream will leave your hands feeling only first class And extra.