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Modern Muse Body Lotion 150ml

Modern Muse body lotion 150 fl, is a luxurious cream that gives you a charismatic look that you can be yourself. The lotion is rich and offers a refreshing smell that will leave you feeling♀️.

67 Oz

The estee Modern Muse body lotion is a luxurious, Modern day muse, this body lotion features a strong and rich cream texture that will leave your skin feeling tips-to-ott with equate. The 150 ml dish is enough for 4 professional uses, this body lotion is additionally fugitive containing the woody and woody hues ideal for today's subtlety api. This estee Modern Muse body lotion is a rich, full-ocean tone lotion that parabens, soy, and phthalates free, it'sboldly innovative and a must-have for any Modern Muse bag. This Modern Muse body lotion is manufactured with an 5-in-1 formula - it's a paraben-free, soy-free, and phthalate-free lotion, it's also boldly innovative, being a full-ocean tone lotion that is in like manner strong and flagship product for any Modern Muse bag. This Modern Muse body lotion 150 ml is a dream come true for somebody interested in keeping their skin hunting young and fresh-faced, with a fruity smell and on brings healthy oil production to your skin, this lotion provides a decent amount of hydration for suitors day-to-day tasks of predecessors. If you're hunting for an all-natural alternative that doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, this is the product for you, the Modern Muse body lotion is a luxurious treatment that creates a sheer force to your appearance. This high-quality lotion is outstanding for lovers who ache to look their best, the 150 ml bottle provides you with a beneficial amount of treatment, exceptional for or skin. This product is also face wash and hair wash are also included.