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Nivea Extra Whitening Body Lotion

Nivea Extra white is a healthy bright uv lightening that is first-rate for lovers who crave to search their best, the plugin gives you a very smooth 600 ml bottle of Nivea Extra white. This lightening is top for shoppers who yearn to feel brighter, more radiant and smooth, it is a practical way for folks who desiderate to feel their best possible.

Spf 15, 400ml Each

2 Lots X Nivea Extra



Whitening 600 Ml X 2

Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Body Lotion

This unique and unique feel is the result of using the latest in technology and technology, this ingredients are combined with nivea's own cell repair technology to give you a beautiful, bright skin that is waiting to be treated with nivea's Extra Whitening cell repair body lotion. This lotion contains up to 20% which provides a long-lasting solution, the long-lasting ingredients will help to: - reduce the appearance of sun damage -ferment and clear up sebum -attenuate the curly hair dna -mildly class whenever hunting for a skin care line that will take care of your face and your skin is hunting a little then you should sound out Nivea Extra Whitening cell repair body lotion. This product is a must-have for somebody who wants to look their best, it contains 20% high quality lotion that will protect your skin from the inside out. The cell-based treatment is designed to clean and restore the hair's accumulated surplus of cells and academy by beneficial bacteria, which in turn will increase the cell's whiteness, the product comes in a handy, short, black bottle with the company's name and product number on the side. Nivea Extra white radiant is a sleek, modern-day body lotion that features a sleek, front design, this product is exquisite for women who covet a top-notch skin that looks valuable regardless of weather conditions. The light, smooth texture of Nivea body Extra Whitening body lotion is whiten and repairs your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and searching commissioner, this Nivea cell repair body lotion is a smooth body lotion that will help to clean and protect the skin. It contains 600 ml of it, which is enough to cover the face and hair, the ingredients are oil, shea and waxes, and shea butter. They are combined together with a shea butter alternative, which is chamomile, this creates a subsidiary product that will help to clean and protect the skin. It is conjointly a natural source of protein and minerals, which is first-class for the skin.