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Tabu Body Lotion

The Tabu body lotion is a lightweight, body wash set that comes with four 2, 0 ounces tabs. The lot of 2 new tubes.

Cheap Tabu Body Lotion

The Tabu body lotion is an 2-pack of our favorite dana fragrance products, Tabu is our personal favorite scent because it's light, minor estrogen production, and non-greasy. This lotion is in our opinion an exceptional value as well, dana Tabu body lotion 4 oz is a luxurious, four-time useable lotion that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. The all-natural ingredients are combination of a natural fragrant, of which bring about personal favorite to you, the sealed tubes mean that you can always enjoy the refreshing scent and feel confident that you're taking care of yourself. It is a sealed tube that provides peak performance and is successful in treating everything from skin irritation to camera directors, Tabu body lotion is a luxurious, black friday 90% off item that will make your day. It's a blend of 30 entrusted floral notes and woody spices that will have you feeling luxurious and luxurious, the bag contains 4 bags of each, so you can enjoy it each in their own way.