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Thymes Tupelo Lemongrass Body Lotion

This Lemongrass body lotion is a first-class alternative for admirers who covet to look their best, with Thymes Tupelo lemongrass, you will feel chin-zing good and to the Lemongrass gives the body lotion a fresh, lemony flavor that is dandy for alerting off of your soon-to-be-cleaned-offices.

Thymes Tupelo Lemongrass Body Lotion Ebay

Thymes Tupelo Lemongrass petite body lotion 2 oz is a body lotion that is fabricated with Lemongrass and other spices, it is used to help relieve pain and tension fillings and to make skin feel soft and smooth. This product is used once and will be in stock soon, this body lotion is top-of-the-line for folks who are digging for a simple and sleek body lotion that is splendid for on-the-goers or small businesses. The Thymes Tupelo Lemongrass is a Lemongrass and mint body lotion that claims to be able to soothe and protect the body, it is fabricated with in-line churning plantain and to give it a clean, fresh look. This body lotion also comes in a set of two so that you can have one for each body area, the Lemongrass and Tupelo herbs are said to be effective in treating everything from skin conditions to headache relief. This body lotion is available in 2 oz or 4 oz form, this body lotion grants Lemongrass and Tupelo ng rts in it for the taste it offers. It is again milky and have a refreshing flavor, this lotion is sensational for admirers with a small body and is first-class for when you want to add a little of that Lemongrass flavor to your life.